on buoyancy (2016) for orchestra


The sea has always served as an inspiration to my music, but rarely as directly as in on buoyancy, which was written as a programmatic depiction of the ocean. The piece begins in a swirl of color, with sounds intertwining like unaligned waves. Cascades of descending lines collide with swells in the brass and strings, and fragments of melody emerged from the texture before being swallowed up again. In the middle section of the piece, a shimmering sound world is punctuated with rumbling growls in the brass, and as the work closes, the intertwined swells and flowing runs of the opening section return. The primary melodic and harmonic material of the work is derived from Takemitsu’s “sea motif” (the notes spell out S-E-A in German), and this motif is explored and developed over the course of the piece. on buoyancy was written as part of the NYO-USA Apprenticeship under Sean Shepherd.

Selected Honors

First Place — 2017 Texas Young Composer Competition

Selected Performances 

November and December 2018 — performed by Austin Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Peter Bay, at Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, TX

July 2016 — read by National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, conducted by Enrico Lopez-Yanez, as part of NYO-USA Composer Apprenticeship at SUNY Purchase in Harrison, NY