marking punctuations (2018) for string quartet

marking punctuations is about language being divided. A lot of my music features flurries of motion and moments of sustain, but as I wrote this string quartet, I was thinking especially about speech, and how the ways that we punctuate it create meaning. What eventually took shape was a series of miniatures inspired by different punctuation marks. To me, each mark evokes a different character, structure, or gesture, and I modeled each of these short pieces on the ways and contexts in which this mark is used rhetorically. Sometimes, a solo instrument will soliloquize in long eloquent lines; other times, instruments will interrupt each other, as if conversing or arguing or imitating each other. In the last movement, a lyrical melodic line is broken up as gestures from previous movements reemerge, and these interjections fracture the music until it can be punctuated no further.

i. hesitating, stuttering

ii. (whispering)

iii. shouting! clamoring!

iv. abbreviating abbrvtng. abbrv. a.

v. antiphon: responding

vi. pausing; reflecting

vii. disintegrating…

viii. inquiring?

ix. suspending. ceasing.

x. punctuations become marked

Selected Honors

Winner, Amaranth Quartet 2019 Call for Scores

Winner, Rosco String Quartet 2018 Call for Scores

Selected Performances 

April 2019 — performed by Rosco String Quartet on subscription series concert at First United Method Church in Salt Lake City, UT

April 2019 — performed by Amaranth Quartet on program “Bend, Bent, Break” at Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA

July 2018 — performed at Bowdoin International Music Festival by Emma Burge and Emma Carleton, violins, Isaac Li, viola, and Atticus Mellor-Goldman, cello in Studzinski Concert Hall in Brunswick, ME

April 2018 — premiered by Giancarlo Latta and Mae Osawa, violin, Sarah Mason, viola, and Nathan Hsu, cello at Shepherd School of Music Spring Composer’s Forum at Rice University in Houston, TX