3 night pieces (2017) for flute and piano

3 Night Pieces has a double meaning: although each movement evokes a different mood of the night, the title also suggests the midnight hours during which the insomnia-fueled composition of this piece took place. Much of the harmonic and melodic material of the piece is constructed from a single cell, a fragment borrowed from Takemitsu’s Air for solo flute. In the first piece, a fragmented piano part accompanies a lyrical melody, which grows to a climax before settling on a sustained high note. A cascading piano run leads into the middle section of the movement, in which the piano and flute alternate descending sextuplets. The instrumental roles of the recapitulation mirror those of the beginning: the flute assumes the accompaniment figure, and the piano quietly reaffirms the opening material. The second movement begins with thick piano chords set against a wandering melodic line, exploring the expressive potential of the flute. A bird-like flute cadenza introduces the third movement, which features virtuosic dialogue between the flute and piano, invoking fragmented recollections of the first two movements before racing to climactic finish.


Selected Honors

Selected in Chicago Ensemble 2017 Call for Scores

Ensemble Winner — National Young Composer’s Challenge 2017

Selected Performances

April 2018 — performed at synesthesia: poetry+music by Megan Torti, flute and Grace Templeton, piano in Rice Memorial Chapel in Houston, TX

March 2018 — performed by Megan Torti, flute, and Grace Templeton, piano at Rice University New Art/New Music at Moody Center for the Arts in Houston, TX

November 2017 — performed by Nora Lee Garcia as part of Young Composer’s Challenge  at Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando, FL

April 2017 — performed at Foundation for Modern Music Introductions Concert Series by Megan Torti, flute, and D’Aria Tennikova-Šátral, piano in Houston, TX

February 2017  performed at Megan Torti’s Freshman Recital by Megan Torti, flute and Kyung-A Yoo, piano in Houston, TX

January 2017 — premiered at Rice University Hear&Now Concert by Megan Torti, flute and Kyung-A Yoo, piano in Houston, TX